Rest and Recovery Lab

The ASPIRE Rest and Recovery Lab provides the latest recovery trends to athletes of all competition levels. Student athletes, elite level athletes, and weekend warriors alike can benefit from 8 stations equipped with;

  • Normatec recovery unit with anti-gravity chair
  • MarcPro electrical stimulation unit
  • Foam rolling station
  • Yoga Mat
  • Balance Pad
  • Floss Bands
  • Thermography Scan-- The thermography scan is performed in minutes and allows for visualization of current injuries as well as the early detection of potential areas of overuse

PREPARE sports safety course

The PREPARE course educates users on sports safety, illness and injury prevention. It educates how to recognize symptoms of potentially dangerous conditions and how to respond in emergency situations. It includes and goes far beyond concussion education. Upon successful completion of the course, the user receives a safety certificate. A proven course released in 2004, PREPARE has educated more than 30,000 coaches nationwide—and the number grows every day! It is reviewed and updated regularly by an expert board of delegates Must-have course for all youth sports community members in any sport at any age Recognized and implemented by many national governing bodies including Pop Warner Football Used by the Alabama, Georgia and Florida High School Athletic Assocs., and the Mississippi High School Activities Assoc.