Why Rest and Recovery?

If you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just enjoy working out,  you may be doing more than your body can handle. Whether or not you actually feel sore, it is likely that you are starting each day with a recovery deficit. If  you’re not refreshed,  you don’t feel like yourself, your performance can suffer, and you increase the chance of injury. This is why rest and recovery is important. During strenuous exercise or activity, muscles begin breaking down prior to getting stronger. It’s during this recovery phase that muscle builds and strength gains occur. If you’re training more than a few days a week, you’re likely not fully recovering, and therefore not getting the most out of each workout.

What we Offer

The ASPIRE Rest and Recovery lab consists of multiple stations equipped with anti-gravity chairs and NormaTec recovery units to improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, the facility is equipped with MarcPro electrical stimulation units to flush out waste from muscular overuse and to reduce pain. Each station also includes sophisticated foam rolling stations, yoga mats, balance pads, and floss bands all to help break up muscle adhesions and improve flexibility and balance. Unique to ASPIRE is the ability to receive a non-invasive thermography scan.  This quick assessment can provide the athlete with a visual representation of areas in the body that may be prone to more inflammation and thus require a greater need for rest and recovery. The thermography scan can be performed in minutes and not only allows for visualization of current injuries, but may also assist with identifying potential areas of overuse with early detection.

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